The Slow Web – A More Mindful Internet

Jack Cheng, a Shanghai-born, U.S.-based writer, has recently published an article on ‘The Slow Web,’ a movement aimed at cultivating a more mindful relationship with the Internet and digital technologies.

..Timeliness.  Rhythm. Moderation. These things dovetail into what I consider the biggest difference between ‘Slow Web’ and ‘Fast Web’.  Fast Web is about information.  Slow Web is about knowledge.  Information passes through you; knowledge dissolves into you.

One of the outcomes of a regular mindfulness practice is the ability to more easily absorb distinct pieces of information. The way we use our tools — for both learning and labor — reflects our aspirations and supports a specific way of being in the world.  Increased concentration means knowing our limits and using all our senses to skillfully string together moments of awareness.

Fast Web is destination-based. Slow Web is interaction based.

I aim to run Living with Mindfulness in a Slow Web fashion:  publishing material after several rounds of proof-reading, posting the most relevant articles only after I’ve read them thoroughly, and not spending too much time worrying about how many times a web page has been viewed.

I’d recommend reading Jack’s article, and, if you’d like to, please leave any thoughts about how you practice mindfulness on the Internet in the comments below.