Mindfulness: An Adventure in Transformation

Mindfulness meditation is not a nice little thing…it’s not like frosting on a cupcake. This is a major major transformation.

This insight comes from Gary, a 42-year-old former drug addict, and contributor to the Atlantic’s recent article “How Meditation Works.”

On the surface, mindfulness works in seemingly boring swaths of activity: Long lengths of time, sitting in quiet spaces, with or without other people nearby, sometimes thinking, sometimes feeling one’s breath. It doesn’t sound too dynamic.

How can something so simple be so transformative?

Mindfulness training works by bringing awareness to our own inner patterns of reactivity, and exercises the mental muscles which maintain that awareness throughout the day. It prepares us for listening more deeply to our own needs and those of others, making the outcome of any event entirely unpredictable, and ultimately ripe for transformation.

Imagine for a moment…

You are sitting at dinner with your family, and each person takes the time to fully listen and consider what is being felt and shared by a family member who is speaking. What about your life might change?


You are shopping for new clothes online and choose all of your favorites. Before making any payments you consider what you really need, and consult your bank account before making any purchases. How might the clothes feel differently when you wear them?

Part of my inspiration for teaching and coaching is to encourage this way of talking about mindfulness. The practice is not just about stress reduction, but about opening us up to growth and transformation, it is about re-making our lifestyle around the deep inner-values which mindfulness helps us to see.

From there, we engage our family, friends and society in a conversation around a way of being in the world. Day-by-day, we can face the ups and downs with a little more clarity, a little less defensiveness, and more curiosity, joy and appreciation.


What’s Your Experience?

In the comments below, or on the Living with Mindfulness Facebook Page share an experience when you feel your mindfulness practice helped shift your approach to a difficult life situation.