Real Happiness Program: The Paw-sitive Things in Life

“If we stop to notice moments of pleasure — a flower poking up through the sidewalk, a puppy experiencing snow for the first time, a child’s hug – we have a resource for more joy.”  — Sharon Salzberg, Real Happiness Sometimes, life gives us moldy, sour lemons which are too far gone-off to make lemonade with.  In those cases, it can be really helpful to have a dog. (This is Mister Christopher) Some of the most beautiful moments in life […]

Real Happiness Program: “I Didn’t Sign-Up for This!”

Earlier this week I was walking down a crowded sidewalk and overheard a young man, in a defeated tone, complaining to his friend: “I didn’t sign-up for this..” he snarled. I thought to myself this is exactly how I’ve felt in the past about my meditation practice.  Witnessing the subtle moments of self-sabatoge in my own mind has led to similar disheartening & discouraging sentiments.  Who am I to take on all this mental junk?! In Week 2, just as […]