Mindfulness Process

Fab illustrator, designer & hand-letterer of the Living with Mindfulness logo, Erin Ellis, just shared with me this beautiful photo of her work process.

mindfulness and art

 The practice of hand-lettering is like a mindfulness exercise.  Each loop and curl of the brush shows you just how you are paying attention (or not) in any given moment.  This was a challenge for creating this particular logo, in which Erin so deftly engaged.

Thank you Erin for the beautiful work, attention and inspiration.

Meditation Appears to Produce Enduring Changes in Emotional Processing in the Brain

A new study has found that participating in an 8-week meditation training program can have measurable effects on how the brain functions even when someone is not actively meditating.

This study highlights how Compassion and Mindfulness Meditations affect the brain differently. Mindfulness meditation helps with stability and decreasing reactivity, while “Compassion” meditation appears to open the practitioner to empathy towards human suffering.

Eric Schwartz, PhD, Lobsang T. Negi, PhD, Thaddeus Pace, PhD, Alan Wallace, PhD & Charles Raison, MD