Real Happiness Program: ‘The Phrases We Choose Reflect the Balance We Seek’

Beautiful things can happen in our lives,
we can place words on a page — one at a time,
arranged as if mapped and planned in full,
but trickling down, instead, they do.

Troubling turns can loosen our feet,
pain and remorse can take us,
but ‘the phrases we choose reflect the balance we seek.’ (1)
so mind to the language of love when you speak.



Thank you to everyone who took up a practice this month, and to those returning as well.  I’m grateful for being a part of this community of encouragement.


Patrick is participating in the Real Happiness 28-day meditation program along with many other beautiful writers and meditators.  You can jump in at any time and begin the program yourself, or check out other writings and musings about the program here.

(1) From Sharon Salzberg’s book “Real Happiness,” p 159


Real Happiness Program: The Paw-sitive Things in Life

“If we stop to notice moments of pleasure — a flower poking up through the sidewalk, a puppy experiencing snow for the first time, a child’s hug – we have a resource for more joy.”  — Sharon Salzberg, Real Happiness

Sometimes, life gives us moldy, sour lemons which are too far gone-off to make lemonade with.  In those cases, it can be really helpful to have a dog.