Coaching Programs Offered

Whether you are interested in getting started with a mindfulness practice, troubleshooting technique, or needing some support keeping it going, one of the programs below could be a fit for you.

If you would rather leave the course of coaching unstructured, we can take things one session at a time.


Structured Coaching Paths

The Basics

Foundations of Mindfulness (4 weeks) – Get started with a mindfulness meditation practice while learning about the opportunities and common obstacles to practice

Momentum for Mindfulness (4-10 weeks) – A follow-up or addition to ‘Foundations of Mindfulness’, this is an opportunity to go from “getting started” to “going steady” with your meditation practice.


Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Intro to Contemplative Photography (4 weeks) – Take mindfulness and appreciation into the act of artmaking.  Contemplative photography is an opportunity to look at the world and share moments of inspiration with friends and loved ones.  No previous art-making experience required.

Intro to Mindful Eating (4 – 6 weeks) (coming soon) – Find out What am I really hungry for?

The Mindful Chef (4 weeks) – Learning to heal, love and have fun in the kitchen, one meal at a time.

Mindful on the Internet (4 weeks) – Learn how to get connected without getting overwhelmed.

To get started, send an email to patrick [at]