Images of Perseverance: Ursula’s Life-long Dream

I recently caught the story of Ursula Populoh, a fibers-enthusiast who has begun an undergraduate course in Fiber Arts at the age of 70 at The Maryland Institute College of Art,

Mrs. Populoh grew up in Germany during the aftermath of the Second World War, and after emigrating to America, she focused on running a business and raising a family, not having the opportunity to pursue secondary education until recently.  From an interview in Juxtapositions:

We walked by a studio, and I saw a dress form,” she explained. “I started to cry, because I wanted so badly to be here..

It took a long walk in the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain for a friend to issue the final encouragement which convinced Ursula to pursue her dream.

I remember so clearly when we walked up this steep hill, and she said, ‘Well, go.’ And I looked at her as if she would have lost her marbles. I said, ‘I cannot go to college, I am 70.’ And she said, ‘So? You have the time.’

Ursula’s commitment to her dream is an inspiring reminder that life does not progress in neat or predictable packages. Despite what others might want us to say or feel, richness comes when our individual path diverges from that of others.

The exchange of thoughts of the perspective I have compared to my classmates in their 20s is really interesting. Because, when we talked about feminism, I can tell them what Germany was like when I was 20…When I told them when I was a child-no TV, no anything-they cannot even imagine being without social media. I think that’s really, really interesting.

You can read the full article about Ursula here, and watch a lovely video of her below.