Coaching Rates & Agreements


Considering all the struggles and stresses we can face in life, the last place I’d like to add any fear or worry is in the dynamics our coaching relationship.  I promise to exert myself towards kindness — to support your creativity and practice, and to encourage the flourishing of mindfulness.

I ask each client to read and sign a page of agreements before the coaching relationship begins, which is available to view here. This helps clear-up some of the ambiguities which might come from engaging in a coaching relationsuhip, so we can focus on the work of practicing mindfulness.

Coaching Rates

It is my aim to offer mindfulness training at an accessible and affordable rate, regardless of a financial background. This aim is held in balance with supporting my own well-being, livelihood, and continued practice and study of mindfulness.

Pay-What-You-Wish Consultations

There are no “fixed rates” for the very first time you meet with me, which is usually a 45-minute session.  You’ll have the chance to consider the value of our time together, and, more importantly, what you feel you have to offer in exchange.  There’s no “right” or “wrong” level of payment, and there’s no commitment for further sessions.

Sliding Scale Pricing & Barter

After the initial consultation, sessions are offered in single session, or in four-, six-, ten-, or twenty-week packages at the following rates:

Individual Online Session: $40 – $200/hr based on Income

Individual In-Person Session: $50 – $250/hr based on Income/distance to travel

Program Prices (sliding scale – each session is 45 minutes in length)

4 weekly sessions
remote – $120 – $450
in-person – $350 – $650 (based on distance traveled)

6 weekly sessions
remote – $190 – $650
in-person – $250 – $750 (based on distance traveled)

10 weekly sessions
remote – $400 – $1,500
in-person – $500 – $2,500 (based on distance traveled) 

Barters are accepted for all one-on-one sessions, and can be a great way to offer something unique, personal, and value-rich in exchange for coaching service.   Bartering only works if what’s being exchanged is really needed by both parties, so the process of establishing a barter is a lovely conversation I’d be happy to have with you.

Group Training and Lectures

Group training sessions range in price. Please email to start a conversation about your group training ideas. This can be fun, rewarding, and empowering for your workgroup, creative team, or office environment.

If your situation doesn’t seem to fit with what I’ve laid out here, please email me at patrick [at] livingwithmindfulness [dot] com, I’d love to try to find a way to make the coaching accessible to you.