Beauty-ful “Mindful Drawings” by Paula Kuitenbrouwer

Paula Kuitenbrouwer keeps a lovely online portfolio and shop of “Mindful Drawings.”  Most masterful artists would likely have developed a refined quality of mindfulness, but Paula’s work breathes from a deep and clearly-articulated intention to work from a place of mindfulness.

“I carefully prepare my drawing session by laying out all the tools. I think long about what I want, and I pay attention to the composition. I also do research, because I like to know what I am drawing. When I draw a bird, I study that bird in real as well as with the helps of books. When I draw a flower, I have it seen in nature or it is right before me on my table. I read about the flower, and I like to study and know its Latin name. The same counts for bugs: I do not draw any bug I haven’t seen or studied.”

“What I Know of This Life” by Mark Coleman

What I Know of this Life

But what of our lives
Sunlight warms the crinkly bark,
Birds touched by morning sun
Sing cantatas at daybreak.
The clouds at this hour
Rest motionless,
While even the waves
Pounding the shore
Fail to stir the stillness,
Which can be carved with a blade.

What I love in this life
Are the simple things.
The curved reach of the sun,
Leaves fallen to earth
Left behind by the passing moon
And feathers found on a path
Gifts from the secret lives of birds..

Full Poem Text Available on Mark’s Blog

Mindfulness Process

Fab illustrator, designer & hand-letterer of the Living with Mindfulness logo, Erin Ellis, just shared with me this beautiful photo of her work process.

mindfulness and art

 The practice of hand-lettering is like a mindfulness exercise.  Each loop and curl of the brush shows you just how you are paying attention (or not) in any given moment.  This was a challenge for creating this particular logo, in which Erin so deftly engaged.

Thank you Erin for the beautiful work, attention and inspiration.