Mindfulness & ‘Internet Brain’

Last week blogger Andrew Price shared his story of turning to meditation to help overcome “Internet Brain,” which he described as “..jumping from one diverting link to another, and sampling little snippets of text and imagery for as long as they hold your increasingly attenuated attention… [a]ny task that requires the sustained and focused application of your brain has become impossible.”   Anyone who has sat down on social media for any significant length of time could likely relate to this […]

Huffington Post: Why Companies are Turning to Yoga and Meditation to Boost the Bottom Line

“I may be weird, but I’m also in charge of the company.’ – Mark Bertolinin, CEO of Aetna, Mindfulness-at-work Advocate. A recent article by Peter S. Goodman tracks some of the corporate wellness programs that utilize “Mindfulness,” “Meditation” or more broadly branded programs like Chade Meng-Tan’s “Search Inside Yourself” to promote employee well-being. “Approximately one-fourth of all major American employers now deliver some version of stress reduction..” “Aetna determined that workers in its most stress-prone positions were racking up medical […]

Images of Perseverance: Tuna the Chiweenie

If you haven’t yet been acquainted with Tuna the Chiweenie, he is a rescue dog made famous for his heart-opening powers of cuteness. His owner, Courtney Dasher, keeps a well-curated Instagram with over 400,00o followers, which captures the daily life of this vulnerable little being. Looking at photos of Tuna reminds me that even when life is difficult, there are lovely, loving beings like Tuna, who persevere despite lacking evolutionary conveniences like opposable thumbs and credit cards. Thanks, Tuna, for your […]

“What I Know of This Life” by Mark Coleman

What I Know of this Life But what of our lives Sunlight warms the crinkly bark, Birds touched by morning sun Sing cantatas at daybreak. The clouds at this hour Rest motionless, While even the waves Pounding the shore Fail to stir the stillness, Which can be carved with a blade. What I love in this life Are the simple things. The curved reach of the sun, Leaves fallen to earth Left behind by the passing moon And feathers found […]

Mindfulness: An Adventure in Transformation

“Mindfulness meditation is not a nice little thing…it’s not like frosting on a cupcake. This is a major major transformation.” This insight comes from Gary, a 42-year-old former addict and contributor to the Atlantic’s recent article “How Meditation Works.” On the surface, mindfulness works in seemingly boring swaths of activity: Long lengths of time, sitting in quiet spaces, with or without other people nearby, sometimes thinking, sometimes feeling one’s breath. It doesn’t sound too dynamic. How can something so simple […]