Mindfulness is a quality of attention which balances an awareness of our inner world of thoughts, emotions and feelings with the outer world around us. Mindfulness can be developed through training, and expressed through any kind of activity, making it both a practice, and a way of life.


“When we look deeply into a flower, we see the elements that have come together to allow it to manifest. We can see clouds manifesting as rain. Without the rain, nothing can grow. When I touch the flower, I’m touching the cloud and touching the rain. This is not just poetry, it’s reality.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Many people choose to practice mindfulness to reduce stress, improve concentration, communicate more effectively, be happier, or just to be more present for their lives. Mindfulness trainings have been around for thousands of years, and thanks to recent advancements in neuroscience, research is showing the depth of impact the practices have.

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